Theodore Rex – Edmund Morris


Theodore Rex is the second installment of a three part series on the life of Teddie Roosevelt by Edmund Morris. Following Morris’ Pulitzer prize winning The Rise of Theodore Roosevelt, Theodore Rex examines Teddie’s years as President starting with his journey to Washington after upon learning of the assassination of President McKinley. This well researched account covers in colorful detail Roosevelt’s political brilliance in concluding the Panama Canal Treaty, his tactful negotiations to broker and end to the Russo-Japanese war, his political courage in invoking the Sherman Act and pursuing anti-trust judgements against the most powerful industrial trusts in the land, his Pure Food bill, and finally the environmental legacy Roosevelt left to this country with the establishment of most of the national parks and monuments we enjoy today. Theodore Rex clearly shows why Teddie Roosevelt is considered one of our greatest presidents and well deserves his place at Mt. Rushmore among Washington, Jefferson, and Lincoln.