Handling Sin – Michael Malone


If you like rolicking, picaresque novels, you will love Handling Sin. Written in the ’80s(?), it remains one of my favorites.

A mild mannered insurance agent is sedately approaching middle age, living out his comfortable life in a small No. Carolina town. He receives news that his vagabond father has passed away, but to receive his inheritance he has to track down his father’s trumpet, last seen in the possession of a young, attractive black woman who may or may not have been his father’s mistress.

The hero rounds up his S. Panza-like sidekick and off they go on a madcap quest across the South. After many hilarious adventures they also absorb a few life lessons. Can’t really describe many details without giving away a few surprises. So give it a try.

3 thoughts on “Handling Sin – Michael Malone

  1. Mark – this book was HILARIOUS! Thank you so much for the recommendation. This really is a classic, in the spirit of Confederacy of Dunces. I can just picture a young George Clooney as Raleigh’s ne’er do well younger brother Gates as he impersonates an FBI officer breaking up a Klan meeting. Mingo is priceless – hapless fat loser, turned courageous, talented designer, peacemaker, musician – the perfect foil for perfect, risk-averse, uptight Raleigh. What a cast of characters! Great book. Highly recommended.

  2. Loved this book! A real page turner and kept me laughing at all the shenanigans, personalities, and over the top situations. Passing it along to many others whom I’m sure will enjoy.

  3. Have never read books as good as the ones that Michael Malone has written. Have loved The Last Noel, Uncivil Seasons, and Handling Sin. Mr. Malone is an incredibly gifted writer able to evoke quite a variety of emotional responses from the reader by his choice of words and the way the puts sentences together. His characters come alive and each book has a different flavor to it. I wish he would write a new book

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