Steve Jobs on criticism
St. Paul to Romans - For I am convinced
Maya Angelou - You can only become accomplished at something you love
Shopenhauer - Talent vs Genius
Sense of Place
More Things in Heaven and Earth
Henry Ward Beecher - Perseverance and Obstinancy
Laurence Shames - Success and Failure
Hermann Goering - The People Can Always Be Brought to the Bidding of the Leaders
Arianna Huffington - Whittled and Sandpapered
Fernando Flores - We Human Beings Belong to Language
Rumi - If you are irritated by every rub
Fail Early And Get It Over With
Instead of Making Art
Here's to the Crazy Ones
Thomas Merton - One of the Great Tragedies of our Time
Small Things
Heinlein - Specialization is for Insects
You Can't Teach a Pig to Sing
The Yankee Motto
Dedication to Jesus - St. Ignatius Loyola
Fred Rogers - You Have to Make Choices
Kent Keith - People Are Often Unreasonable
Gabrielle Garcia Marquez - If I Knew That Today
Martha Graham - There is a vitality
Margaret Mead - Never Doubt
Keri Smith - Life is a constantly morphing thing
Schopenhauer - When You Look Back On Your Life
Ask Calvin's Dad
Mary Jean Irion - Then Let Me Go to Nature
Robert Henri - You Can Do Anything You Want To Do
Only Love!
Kierkegaard - To Not Dare Is to Lose Oneself
Robert Grudin - Four-dimensional Chess
Kshemendra - A Poet Should Learn with His Eyes
Oscar Wilde - In The Old Days Men Had The Rack
Rumi - Guest House
There Are Hundreds Of Paths Up The Mountain
Antoine de Saint-Exupery - If you want to build a ship
W.H. Murray - Until One Is Committed
Arthur Miller - Take One's Life in One's Arms
Ann Morrow Lindbergh - A Good Relationship Has a Pattern Like a Dance
Self Mastery is the Quality of a King
T.E. Lawrence - Dreamers of the Day
George Bernard Shaw - A Splendid Torch
John Burroughs - Look Under Foot
Einstein - A Human Being is Part of the Whole
Richard Bach - Your Friends
Stanford Memorial Church - Thoughts and Words Travel
Von Durkheim - The Way of Transformation
Don Juan - A Path with Heart
Rumi - There is a field
Rabindranath Tagore - Let My Country Awake
Teddy Roosevelt - To the Man in the Arena
Thomas Merton Prayer
W.B. Yeats - I have spread my dreams under your feet
Patrick Overton - When We Walk to the Edge
Teilhard de Chardin - We Shall Harness for God the Energies of Love
Morihei Ueshiba - The Art of Peace
Faith Is Not Being Sure
Marianne Williamson - Our Deepest Fear is that We Are Powerful Beyond Measure
I Ching - Hexagram 49
John Masefield - Sea Fever
Henry Miller - Life Moves On
Rainer Maria Rilke - Live the Questions Now