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- and have thousands of MP3s available to download for free on their websites. I have spent countless hours scouring their download sections and what follows is what I consider the best of their free MP3s. Downloading can be tricky if you haven't done it before. Click here for help with downloads at And click here to download an MP3 player. These are all links to or Sometimes these sites requires that you sign in with them first before they will give you access to downloads. And sometimes their music clip server just isn't working. If a specific download listed here doesn't work, try another, or come back and try again at another time. Enjoy! (p.s. my favorite pick of the bunch right now is "It's All Good" from Sinead O'Connor's "She Who Dwells in the Secret Place.)

Ambient, Electronica, Downtempo
  Lemonjelly - - "The Staunton Lick" Download Song
Zero 7 - Simple Things - "Destiny" Download Song
Air - Virgin Suicides Soundtrack - "Playground Love"
Thievery Corporation - DJ Kicks - "It Takes a Thief" Download Song
Thievery Corporation - Om Lounge Vol. 1 - "Right Angles (Remix)"
Download Song
Om Lounge - Vol. 4 - "The Reason"
Download Song
Groove Armada - I Am Fearless, Funky, and Five - "M 2 Many"
Download Song
Kaskade - Om Lounge Vol. 6 - "My Time"
Download Song

Country & Bluegrass
Wayfaring Strangers - Shifting Sands of Time - "Man of Constant Sorrow (w/ Ralph Stanley)" Download Song
Alison Krauss & Union Station - New Favorite - "The Lucky One"Download Song
Alison Krauss & Union Station - Forget About It - "Stay"
Download Song
Alison Krauss & Union Station - Everytime You Say Goodbye - "Everytime You Say Goodbye"
Download Song
Bela Fleck - Natural Bridge - "Punch Drunk"
Download Song
Nanci Griffith - The Last of the True Believers - "The Last of the True Believers"
Download Song
Nanci Griffith - The Last of the True Believers - "Goin' Gone"
Download Song
Blue Highway - Still Climbing Mountains - "Still Climbing Mountains"
Download Song
Rhonda Vincent - The Storm Still Rages - "Cry of the Whippoorwill"
Download Song

Rock, Pop
Sinead O'Connor - She Who Dwells in the Secret Place - "It's All Good" Download Song
Chuck Prophet - No Other Love - "I Bow Down and Pray to Every Woman I See" Download Song
1 Giant Leap - 1 Giant Leap - "Braided Hair (featuring Speech & Neneh Cherry)" Download Song
1 Giant Leap - 1 Giant Leap - "My Culture" Download Song
(Check out the 1 Giant Leap video at

Dance, DJ
Marques Wyatt - Sound Design, Vol. 1 - "Elements of Life (Latin Jazz Dub)" Download Song
Iffy - Biota Bondo - "Can-O-Cope" Download Song

World, New Age
Deva Premal - Embrace - "Shree Ram Jai Ram" Download Song
Rasa - Samsara - "Union" Download Song
Vinicius Cantuaria - Vinicius - "Agua Rasa" Download Song


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