Welcome to Laurenz's World of Magical Creatures.

Laurenz lives in Vienna, Austria and has been drawing engaging cartoon characters since he was two. We met several years ago when Laurenz was about 9 years old, and collaborated on these creatures. Laurenz would draw, I would animate and put them on this website. Click on the following links to see more.

Laurenz's World comes alive with one-eyed bunnies, haunted castles, dragons and space aliens.

Spikey, my favorite character, enjoys many activities with the same characteristic aplomb. It's amazing what he can do, especially since there is no evidence he has any hands. (He must have hands somewhere! But so far they remain hidden from view.)

Spikey Calendar

Spikey Goes to the Snow - a musical photo slide show of Spikey doing what he does best - extreme skiing and snowboarding. (Requires Flash).

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