Some Fish!

Went fishing for the first time ever North of the Golden Gate Bridge a couple miles off shore from Pt. Reyes and Bolinas. Was quite seasick most of the trip, which lasted from 6 am until 3:30 pm, but still managed to catch 5 fish, including a huge lingcod. Not the one pictured, that was Loren’s and the biggest fish caught that day. Many thanks to the crew of the Butchie B. and to Jim Honniball (pictured) for organizing the trip and for cleaning and filleting the fish (a stinky, thankless job). The hardest part – realizing that all of that dramamine wasn’t working. Next time its Bonine or Marezene. Supposedly the trick is to take one at bedtime, the night before going out, and another first thing in the morning.

See Jim’s tips on how to fillet a fish.