NYC – Vik Muniz, The Armory


Last weekend I had the great pleasure of accompanying Paige West and Kelly Stoezel of Mixed Greens to The Armory Show, NYC’s premier contemporary art event. Wandering the aisles was a great way to get exposure to the New York art scene. Many thanks to Kelly especially for guiding me through the melange.

Of all the show, the artist that appealed to me the most was Brazilian Vik Muniz. Vik crafts portraits out of sand, dirt, string, chocolate syrup among other things and then takes photographs of them. One dealer was showing a series done by Vik of glamorous movie stars, all done with diamonds. The series pictured above is of Jackie Onassis. At first glance, the medium looks like ketchup, but up close it looks more like the chili sauce you get with chinese food. Vik paints with the sauce on a light box and then photographs it.


Worst Possible Illusion – PBS documentary on Vik