NYC – Mixed Greens

(Paige West, Elise, Kelly Stoetzel)

If you happen to be in NYC and you love art, I recommend a stop at Mixed Greens on 26th St between 11th and 12th avenues. (601 W26th, 11th floor). Mixed Greens is a contemporary art gallery like no other. Mixed Greens has evolved out of founder Paige West’s vision that collecting art should be a fun, inspirational activity, not one in which you have to deal with beyond-cool, snobby and snooty art dealers. Paige has even set up a blog devoted to art collecting – Art Addict – to help take the mystery out of the process. Mixed Greens deals primarily with emerging artists, who, because they are not yet established, can offer their works at more accessible prices, perfect for the new collector.


The gallery is an open, friendly place, staffed with very nice people who are happy to answer questions and to tell you more about the art there. Mixed Greens also has a terrific website ( where you can view the works of all the artists they carry. One thing to note though is that art doesn’t show as well online as it does in person. The works are generally much more impactful and intriguing in real life in a way that a computer screen just can’t capture.

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  1. Whoops….posted the stuff I wanted here on the one with the butterflies… the interest of balance…. The butterflies looked neat. My little girl would LOVE this.

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