NYC – Circus Brazilian Restaurant


How time flies! Here I am with little Hannah who I babysat when she was five, now all of 20 and going to the New School in New York. The picture is post several caipirihnas, a delicious and potent Brazilian drink partaken at Circus, a Brazilian restaurant at 808 Lexington between 62nd and 63rd. (212) 223-2965. Excellent food. Had an acorn squash baked and stuffed with a wonderful mixture of corn, shrimp, and other things. Side of collard greens – lots of garlic and olive oil. Friend Keith had strips of lightly fried polenta served over an oxtail sauce. Delicious. 2 thumbs up. Thanks to Drew Lipsher for the recommendation!

Update 05-05-04
Went to Circus again last night with parents. The food is truly interesting and delicious. I had the grilled shrimp which were fantastic and a baby arugula salad served with slices of chorizo and small white beans. Mom had their special Brazilian stew with every kind of meat, also very good and filling.