NYC – Butterflies!


Stopped by the Scope Art Fair ( this last weekend in NYC. Scope is a contemporary art fair that is put on in hotel rooms, each dealer getting or sharing her own room. This year’s New York Scope is at the Gansevoort Hotel which is still being completed. The fair was fun, though a little crowded. Some of the artists made the best use possible of the fact that they were exhibiting in bedrooms as can be seen above. This artist, whose name I never got, made cut-outs of butterflies from aluminum beer cans.

3 thoughts on “NYC – Butterflies!

  1. Just surfing around and by shear (sp?) chance happend here. I have relatives in the NYC area and get up to visit a couple of times per year. Long story made short, I really hope to get a chance to stop by Mixed Greens on my next visit. I am always looking for something new to look for in the City. Thanks for a neat spot on the web.

    Dan Jystad

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