New Zealand All Blacks


Just got back from several days in Auckland, New Zealand. By an incredibly lucky coincidence, I was staying at the same hotel as the New Zealand national rugby team – the All Blacks. By another amazing coincidence, my client Jane used to work in marketing for the All Blacks. And, they happened to be having a game against Ireland on Saturday night (June 17, 06). And, there were two tickets still available in the covered area of the stands, not subject to the pouring rain that fell down on the field for most of the game (thank you, Jane Dent!). The game was great fun; the All Blacks won, naturally; my companion Hayden entertained us all with well placed insults to the field and gorgeous Maori songs.

New Zealand All Blacks Pre Game Haka
The All Blacks perform their pre-game Haka

3 thoughts on “New Zealand All Blacks

  1. Hi Elise

    Have been away from my home on Waiheke Island for a a bit over a week and have been taking a blog holiday.

    Sorry to have missed you! I was at the game too. The All Blacks have beaten Argentina today in Buenos Aires, but most people over there are focused on the World Cup of course! There was certainly dramatic weather while you were here! Skifields have been packed this weekend.

    Trust you got to enjoy some great NZ food.


  2. Hi Robyn,
    I was on Waiheke Island on Monday after the game, doing a little tour around. What a gorgeous spot! Had lunch at the Mudbrick Winery. I did have fabulous food while in NZ. You’ve got quite a culinary scene going on down there.
    Cheers, Elise

  3. Hi Elise
    Goodness you even came to Waiheke! That was a wild day too.

    Keep a note of my email, if for any reason you’re ever back….with a client like Jane ( who is famous in NZ in her own right) perhaps you might be, aim for summer next time!

    Cheers, Robyn

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