New Hampshire


Columbus Day weekend with my best little friends. To celebrate Alden’s 5th birthday we all went up to New Hampshire for the weekend. Alden and Reilly made the treck up this peak with me and their mom. Somehow Heidi made the last quarter mile or so up with Aldie on her back. Trails are so steep in New England! I guess switchbacks were invented after these trails were made. The trail we climbed is actually a cross-country ski trail, practically straight up. It goes to two peaks, or humps. We made it to the first one; this is the view from the top. Gorgeous fall day.

Of course, no trip to Jackson, New Hampshire would be the same without going to Storyland…


One thought on “New Hampshire

  1. Hey, first up I just wanna say how helpful your ‘learning MT’ area has been!
    But regarding the pic it jogged up an old memory! I spent two weeks in Boston (I’d spell the state if I could) and Vermont. One day we drove to New Hampshire and went for a treck and ended up sat on a rock like in your pic looking at the amazing scenery! Anyway we got speaking to a lady who was an ex-pat and had lived in the U.S. for ten years. Turned out she was from the same town as us back in the UK! It was so funny, such a coincidence, just goes to prove what a small world it is!

    Ian :)

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