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The holy grail of web collaboration has arrived. I just got a demonstration of Macromedia Breeze today during a business meeting. Wow. This is what we were trying to invent several years ago at Multitude (now defunct). These programs – WebEx, Placeware, etc. – never work on a Mac, at least not seamlessly. In today’s meeting the initiator in San Francisco was on a PC, I (Sacramento) was on a Mac, one participant was on a PC (East Coast) and another on a Mac (United Arab Emirates). We all logged in as visitors and we were there, on Mr. San Francisco’s computer, seeing all his mouse clicks. It just worked. Nothing to install (perhaps because I had the latest Flash already installed?), just through a web browser. Oh yes, we were all on different browsers too.

Haven’t tried the VOIP (don’t really need it with and didn’t use the video. Video conferencing, unless it is with my bestest friends, is over-rated in general. Much more useful to have the white-boarding capability that works.

Of course, it’s priced for business not for personal use, making it steep for casual collaborations, but extremely reasonable for corporate. The per-user Pay-Per-Use plan is about $20 per participant per hour.

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  1. Thank you for this article. This looks like it will be extremely useful for mac users (which i am one of). It is programs like these that make life so much easier and productive:)

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