Jean Shin – House of Cards


My Jean Shin arrived! Jean Shin is a featured artist at New York City’s Mixed Greens contemporary art gallery. Her works are mainly sculptural and she uses everyday objects that we tend to throw away – laundry lint, umbrellas, used lottery tickets – and in this case, rolodex cards. This piece, Carte Blanche II, is a photogravure print of a construction she made.

I like it because it is visually intriguing and can be interepreted in many ways. It first reminded me of the Anasazi indian cliff dwellings. Dad looked at it and remarked, “a house of cards”. A colleague once remarked that Silicon Valley lives can sometimes be such a house of cards. People can look so successful and secure on the outside, but when you take a closer look sometimes what is revealed is just a few struts propping up that image. Also reflected in the work is the impermanence of everything, the beauty in the moment, the destruction of which is inevitable.