Google Adsense, Ad”sensation” that is

Google continues to turn the search engine world upside down. For years, advertisers have been paying for high placement in search results for keyword searches on Yahoo, Alta Visa, and Google. Overture, recently bought by Yahoo, built its business by brokering such placements around different high profile sites. Google recently released a program called Adsense that extends the placement of keyword sponsored ads beyond high profile sites to almost any site. Adsense allows any website, large or small, to place Google keyword sponsor ads directly on their web pages. By placing a few lines of special Google javascript on your page, you can automatically serve up simple, unobtrusive, text-based ads that are contextually appropriate to your page. The more targeted, content-rich your page, the more targeted and appropriate the Google ads will be.

To get a sense of the kind of ads Google would serve up on your website, just enter its URL:


When a visitor clicks on a Google Adsense ad, the website gets a small fee, ranging anywhere from 3ยข to $12 per click. Although Google doesn’t release the fees it pays for keywords unless you are an advertiser, you can get a general idea by going to the Overture website and using their View Bids Tool.

So what does this mean? Websites with great content that people want, no matter what the size of operation, will be able to make a few bucks. Power to the people. What else does this mean? Advertising inventory will increase and the rates paid for clicks decrease, thus furthering the downward pressure on the advertising revenue model.