Cooking with the Girl Scouts


A couple of weeks ago I had the distinct pleasure of leading Junior Girl Scout Troop 2656 of Massachusetts in a cooking class at the home of my friend Heidi and her Girl Scout daughter Reilly (age 9). We made chocolate mint pudding cakes in individual ramekins. The girls all pitched in and practiced or discussed buttering the ramekins, breaking eggs and separating eggs (a fun, gooey mess), raw egg safety, and how to measure out flour (don’t scoop with the measuring cup, but something else and gently add the flour into the measuring cup making sure not to compact the flour). The good news was that the pudding cakes only took 11 minutes to cook, leaving plenty of time to prep, cook, and eat the cakes.

Many thanks to troop leaders Dale and Diana, our hostess Heidi, and the girls of Troop 2656!






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