Christine Kane at BlogHer

Christine Kane performs at BlogHer

All day Friday at the BlogHer conference in Chicago I kept running into an interesting seeming woman named Christine Kane, who mentioned that she blogged about music. Christine’s eyes are penetrating; you don’t easily forget her once having met her. But I had no idea who she was. And then, on Friday night, at the BlogHer party on the rooftop of the Navy Pier, there she was, alone on a small stage with a guitar. And when she started singing, holy shit, that woman could sing. She has a gorgeous voice. Not what you expect when someone you’ve been hanging with off and on during the day picks up a guitar.

Then I remembered that there was a music CD in our shwag bag and the light bulbs in my brain finally turned on. I looked for her all the next day to thank her for the CD and for playing for our rather inattentive group, but didn’t see her anywhere. According to someone, this was a marketing experiment for her. Did it work? I have no idea. But if you are reading this and are remotely curious about Christine’s work, listen to a few bars at iTunes, and if you like it, buy it. More people should hear her. And Christine, if you are out there somewhere reading this, thank you.

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  1. Just yesterday I put on the Beats for Bloggers CD — and managed all of two minutes and put it in the trash. Then I put in the Christine Kane CD — and already it’s been listened to at least four times. She’s GREAT.

  2. oh my god — this brings tears to my eyes. (i’m sitting in the studio at an NPR station waiting for my interview segment.)

    thanks so much, elise! (i was hesitant to read this post when it appeared in my links cuz there was one other person who wrote about me and ripped me to shreds for even being at blogher. oh well. it made me a little gun-shy!)

    i’ve been my own record label for my whole career – and when blogher invited me to do this, i was excited (LOVE blogher) and hesitant. but i wanted to put my cd’s in the goodie bag, rather than sell them. (which i usually do at conferences.) it shifts how i look at things — and it allowed me to see performing as a contribution, rather than a sales thing. so, in that way it was an experiment.

    I so appreciate what you wrote. and i know i have your card in my stack somewhere! (haven’t had time to go through them all.) but i’m glad i found you here. thanks for the kind words. i’ll be back!

  3. Ah Christine, never you mind the nasty posts. Unfortunately, blogging attracts all kinds, especially those who have nothing better to do with their time than complain about the sky being blue. We get our fair share at BlogHer. You were wonderful. I hope to catch your performance at the Freight and Salvage in Berkeley in Sept.

  4. Thank you so much for the gift, Elise! And Christine, keep up the good work. I was especially moved by your The Good You Do, brought tears to my eyes. I can’t help but think that was one of your more intimate writing sessions. And of course the line “so go home and get some rest” hit me in the middle of a crazy project and brought a smile to my face. So, ladies, thank you both…

  5. Elise- I am a big fan of your Simply Recipes blog, but this is the first time I’ve ventured over to your other projects. So it was funny to me that you had blogged about Christine just a few weeks ago.

    I’ve been a huge fan of Christine Kane since I first heard her my freshman year of college when she played at UNC-Asheville. She lives in Asheville, so I got to see her frequently in the 6 years I lived there.

    I love her wonderful mix of insightful, sweet, and funny songs. And I love the way she loves animals.

    Thanks for helping to spread the word!

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