Tucson – The Blue Willow


I don’t know when I’ll get back to Tucson, but if and when I do the place for breakfast there is the Blue Willow at 2616 N. Campbell Avenue, a few blocks North of Speedway on the East side of the street. Matt had eggs with chorizo, Angelo buttermilk pancakes, Eddie a tamale and a chicken salad sandwich, and me a tofu scramble, pictured above. I’ve never had a tofu scramble before, nor had one ever sounded even faintly appealing. But after several days in a row of eggs for breakfast and nursing a slight tequila hangover (just one drink will do that for me) I was in the mood for something that sounded healthy. The scramble was delicious! Fried tofu (must have been fried in olive oil), mushrooms, spinach, and sesame seeds comprised this dish. Everyone else’s food was great too. The pancakes were fluffy and divine, the scrambled eggs with chorizo delicious, and of special note was the salsa that accompanied the tamale. It tasted exactly like my mother’s enchilada sauce. Festive outdoor shaded seating, nice waiting staff, funky gift store.

NYC – Circus Brazilian Restaurant


How time flies! Here I am with little Hannah who I babysat when she was five, now all of 20 and going to the New School in New York. The picture is post several caipirihnas, a delicious and potent Brazilian drink partaken at Circus, a Brazilian restaurant at 808 Lexington between 62nd and 63rd. (212) 223-2965. Excellent food. Had an acorn squash baked and stuffed with a wonderful mixture of corn, shrimp, and other things. Side of collard greens – lots of garlic and olive oil. Friend Keith had strips of lightly fried polenta served over an oxtail sauce. Delicious. 2 thumbs up. Thanks to Drew Lipsher for the recommendation!

Update 05-05-04
Went to Circus again last night with parents. The food is truly interesting and delicious. I had the grilled shrimp which were fantastic and a baby arugula salad served with slices of chorizo and small white beans. Mom had their special Brazilian stew with every kind of meat, also very good and filling.