Things I love about my friend Kalyn

Kalyn Denny

Do you know Kalyn Denny of Kalyn’s Kitchen? You should. Kalyn is one of my favorite people on the planet, and here are just a few reasons why:

  1. Kalyn is one of the kindest people you will ever meet
  2. Kalyn is a great organizer of people and events
  3. With discipline, exercise, and healthy eating, Kalyn lost a lot of weight and has kept it off
  4. When Kalyn feels down, she doesn’t stay there too long, she bounces back
  5. Kalyn has a great smile
  6. Kalyn has over 30 nieces and nephews and she sends them each a card on their birthdays
  7. Kalyn loves kitchen gadgets
  8. She looks great in the color orange
  9. Kalyn is an evangelist for cilantro
  10. Kalyn has taught 30 years of grade school kids, including the children of people she taught when they were kids
  11. Kalyn is not afraid to be politically liberal in conservative Utah
  12. Kalyn loves her family and is not afraid to show it
  13. Kalyn is the author of an amazing food blog
  14. When you need to blow off steam, Kalyn will patiently listen
  15. Kalyn loves vegetables
  16. Kalyn is not afraid to learn something entirely new, even if it’s difficult
  17. She doesn’t give up easily
  18. Kalyn is not judgmental
  19. Kalyn takes feedback
  20. Kalyn is extraordinarily productive
  21. Kalyn has mastered her gas grill
  22. She has a spectacular garden with raised beds
  23. Kalyn cans her own tomatoes to eat all year round
  24. Kalyn loves African art
  25. She is a great travel companion
  26. Kalyn is generous with her time
  27. Kalyn is financially responsible
  28. Kalyn can keep a secret
  29. Kalyn is brave
  30. Kalyn rolls with the punches
  31. Kalyn always has your back
  32. Kalyn never stops learning and improving her skills
  33. Kalyn is an outstanding discussion moderator
  34. Kalyn always gives credit where credit is due, and even when it isn’t
  35. Kalyn is diplomatic
  36. Kalyn keeps her chin up, even when she’s down

Love you Kalyn!


Photo by Shuna Fish Lydon

Someone sent me an email to request a conversation with me tomorrow at 2:00 pm. Ever since I stopped wearing a watch with regularity a couple of years ago I’ve been struck by how tethered we are as a culture to the idea of hours and minutes. Time, as in the time of day, days of the week, is so woven into the fabric of our lives that we have a hard time organizing ourselves without considering it. We have difficulty imagining what a day would be like if it weren’t broken up into hours and minutes.

Slots to be filled with useful activities.

So, when someone wants to have a phone conversation with me, instead of just picking up the phone, they send an email, and try to find a particular slot, bounded by numbers, in which I might be available to talk with them, in a particular slot, bounded by numbers, which works well for them.

Don’t people just pick up the phone and call anymore?

The problem is that now that I work for myself, building a business that requires just my creative attention, not a consulting business that is bonded to time constraints of clients, I have a hard time with doing anything at an appointed time, and submit to it only because it is necessary and important to others. There is also TV; Dr. Who comes on at 8 pm on Friday and if I miss it, god help me if I can find a rerun. I get almost a little panicky around the hours that I need to remember, because so out-of-time-consciousness am I that I easily, completely forget. Yet when I need to wake up at a specific time, I can do so, without an alarm. Can you?

Days are a bit easier. Wednesday in the food section. Saturday I can usually get some work done because I’m not bombarded by a hundred emails that need answering. Sunday is church, whether I go or not. I’m addicted to 2 TV programs at the moment, but I don’t usually remember that they are on until a half hour before. Monday dinner, “oh, the Closer is on.” Friday dinner, “Yikes! Dr. Who starts in 5 minutes.” (Except when it doesn’t. Half the time our cable company shifts it to another time slot on Friday. Ironic. Dr. Who is a time lord.)

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Elise on Japanese “Blog TV”

My interview starts a few minutes into the segment.

I was recently interviewed on Technorati Japan’s Blog TV, a part of which apparently really gets broadcast on to TV over there. Also interviewed in the segment are David Sifry, CEO of Technorati, and Ben and Mena Trott, founders of Six Apart, the company that makes Typepad, Vox, LiveJournal, and Movable Type blogging tools. The interview was held in Technorati’s South-of-Market San Francisco offices, by Fumi Yamasaki, marketing manager for Technorati Japan, and director Shuichi Fujiyasu.

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Why Tree Work is So Expensive


For the last 3 days my brother Matt has been cutting back one of our walnut trees. Our house was built in a former walnut orchard and all of the walnut trees around here have reached the end of their natural life and are dying. Matt is a tree man, or at least he used to be. Now that he’s in his forties he prefers to sell tree equipment. Anyway, the tree he was working on was a monster. It used to shade most of the back yard until just a few years ago when the leaves got smaller and the limbs started dying.

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