The Hamptons – I’m Nobody, Who Are You?

Spent Memorial Day in The Hamptons, New York City’s version of Martha’s Vineyard. (NYkers may take issue with that comparison, as, since NYC is the center of the world, MV would be Boston’s version of the Hamptons. It’s all amusing to me, a Northern Californian, where in the summer more people go TO the city during the weekend than leave it.) Found myself at a party on Saturday night hosted by the publisher of Gotham, LA Confidential, and other fine, extra large glossy magazines showcasing celebrities and parties. Found myself wandering in and wondering of the spectacle of many tan lithe twenty-somethings with gorgeous clothes and bodies to match. Kept wondering why a video camera was pointed my way until I noticed that I was standing behind James Lipton, the guy from the Actor’s Studio. Other notable attendees included Tina Louise (Ginger from Gilligan’s Island) and Ivana Trump. Finally managed to congregate with other fellow wonderers (what are we doing here?) and was able to relax and enjoy the party. Later a friend emailed along this poem by Emily Dickinson. Seems like they had spectacle parties in her time as well…

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NYC – Circus Brazilian Restaurant


How time flies! Here I am with little Hannah who I babysat when she was five, now all of 20 and going to the New School in New York. The picture is post several caipirihnas, a delicious and potent Brazilian drink partaken at Circus, a Brazilian restaurant at 808 Lexington between 62nd and 63rd. (212) 223-2965. Excellent food. Had an acorn squash baked and stuffed with a wonderful mixture of corn, shrimp, and other things. Side of collard greens – lots of garlic and olive oil. Friend Keith had strips of lightly fried polenta served over an oxtail sauce. Delicious. 2 thumbs up. Thanks to Drew Lipsher for the recommendation!

Update 05-05-04
Went to Circus again last night with parents. The food is truly interesting and delicious. I had the grilled shrimp which were fantastic and a baby arugula salad served with slices of chorizo and small white beans. Mom had their special Brazilian stew with every kind of meat, also very good and filling.

NYC – Mixed Greens

(Paige West, Elise, Kelly Stoetzel)

If you happen to be in NYC and you love art, I recommend a stop at Mixed Greens on 26th St between 11th and 12th avenues. (601 W26th, 11th floor). Mixed Greens is a contemporary art gallery like no other. Mixed Greens has evolved out of founder Paige West’s vision that collecting art should be a fun, inspirational activity, not one in which you have to deal with beyond-cool, snobby and snooty art dealers. Paige has even set up a blog devoted to art collecting – Art Addict – to help take the mystery out of the process. Mixed Greens deals primarily with emerging artists, who, because they are not yet established, can offer their works at more accessible prices, perfect for the new collector.

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NYC – Butterflies!


Stopped by the Scope Art Fair ( this last weekend in NYC. Scope is a contemporary art fair that is put on in hotel rooms, each dealer getting or sharing her own room. This year’s New York Scope is at the Gansevoort Hotel which is still being completed. The fair was fun, though a little crowded. Some of the artists made the best use possible of the fact that they were exhibiting in bedrooms as can be seen above. This artist, whose name I never got, made cut-outs of butterflies from aluminum beer cans.