Have you ever seen a tire so shredded? This was my adventure this weekend. Saturday afternoon west bound I-80, 75 mph, fast lane. All of a sudden I think the guy in the lane next to me needs a muffler. Then, shit, why is the road so bumpy? Then, what the ? My car is shaking so hard it’s all I can do to get it over to the right lane. There’s been some road work so there is no shoulder and I’m blocking traffic in the right lane. I call 911 and am assured the CHP is on its way. After a few cars slow down at the last minute to avoid hitting me I realize it is not safe in the car. I walk down a ways and start flagging oncoming traffic away from my car as most cars are zooming by at 70-80 mph.

Fortunately two young men in two different trucks stop and help me out. While I’m diverting traffic, they put on the spare, and by the time the CHP finally shows up 15 minutes later, they are just finishing up. With a handshake and a smile they are on their way. Thank you gentlemen. Thank you for your help and for reminding me that we live in a great country where people will go out of their way to help a stranger.

4 thoughts on “Blow-Out!

  1. Wow that tyre looks bad! Must of been very scary. Luckily I’ve yet to have a blow out but I was once driving past a lorry that had one. I just saw a big puff of smoke and then a piece of tyre hit my front bumper. Shook me up for a second or two!

    I’m glad you got out of your car to safety, its scary how many people are injured or killed by staying in or around their vehicle.


  2. Hi Ian,
    Tell me about it! I’m just glad this happened in the middle of the day and not at night when more drunks are out on the road.

  3. Wow, that tire looks like it might have been defective. Did you hit something that shredded it? I had a blowout on a highway; it’s a scary experience to be sure. Glad you are okay!

    BTW, I happened on your site after looking at your Learning Movable Type post on removing or battling comment spam. I am just starting to blog more and your article was helpful, even to us bloggers not using MT.

  4. Hi Phil,

    I have no idea what I hit or if I hit anything. I think perhaps the tire went flat and I didn’t notice it until it shredded. I’ve noticed on my all-wheel drive Audi that I have a hard time noticing when a tire is low. I got the tire and the rim replaced after this event and wouldn’t you know, but today I had to replace the new rim because it was cracked and the tire was leaking air right through it. My tire karma hasn’t been great lately.

    Glad you found the LMT comment spam article helpful. I think the trick is to have a multi-pronged approach, much as if you were going to battle – you need the cavalry, foot soldiers, and archers. Same too with battling spam, you’re weakest if you have no defense and almost as weak if you only have one level of defense. You think these people would have something better to do with their lives….

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