This week, maybe just for a week, the dogwoods are blooming. Spring comes in waves around here. First it’s the star magnolia, showers of white petals beginning to peep in early February, then the camellias. Then the tulip trees blossom in March, and the Japanese maples and the birches begin to leaf out. Now it’s April, and the street is awash with white and pink dogwoods. The roses are just about to burst open, as is the jasmine.


From a Fresco of the Annunciation by Jacopo da Pontormo (May 24, 1494 – January 2, 1557)

From “Annunciation”, a fresco by Italian Renaissance artist Jacopo da Pontormo.  I just stumbled upon this in a 1968 issue of New York Magazine.  Gorgeous colors, though I doubt that they are rendering truthfully from the original.

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Things I love about my friend Kalyn

Kalyn Denny

Do you know Kalyn Denny of Kalyn’s Kitchen? You should. Kalyn is one of my favorite people on the planet, and here are just a few reasons why:

  1. Kalyn is one of the kindest people you will ever meet
  2. Kalyn is a great organizer of people and events
  3. With discipline, exercise, and healthy eating, Kalyn lost a lot of weight and has kept it off
  4. When Kalyn feels down, she doesn’t stay there too long, she bounces back
  5. Kalyn has a great smile
  6. Kalyn has over 30 nieces and nephews and she sends them each a card on their birthdays
  7. Kalyn loves kitchen gadgets
  8. She looks great in the color orange
  9. Kalyn is an evangelist for cilantro
  10. Kalyn has taught 30 years of grade school kids, including the children of people she taught when they were kids
  11. Kalyn is not afraid to be politically liberal in conservative Utah
  12. Kalyn loves her family and is not afraid to show it
  13. Kalyn is the author of an amazing food blog
  14. When you need to blow off steam, Kalyn will patiently listen
  15. Kalyn loves vegetables
  16. Kalyn is not afraid to learn something entirely new, even if it’s difficult
  17. She doesn’t give up easily
  18. Kalyn is not judgmental
  19. Kalyn takes feedback
  20. Kalyn is extraordinarily productive
  21. Kalyn has mastered her gas grill
  22. She has a spectacular garden with raised beds
  23. Kalyn cans her own tomatoes to eat all year round
  24. Kalyn loves African art
  25. She is a great travel companion
  26. Kalyn is generous with her time
  27. Kalyn is financially responsible
  28. Kalyn can keep a secret
  29. Kalyn is brave
  30. Kalyn rolls with the punches
  31. Kalyn always has your back
  32. Kalyn never stops learning and improving her skills
  33. Kalyn is an outstanding discussion moderator
  34. Kalyn always gives credit where credit is due, and even when it isn’t
  35. Kalyn is diplomatic
  36. Kalyn keeps her chin up, even when she’s down

Love you Kalyn!

Cute jewelry from Lisa Leonard


I go to events. Conferences. People give me things. Like goodie bags, with all sorts of things in it. Sometimes the things are fun, sometimes they are useful, sometimes I’m thinking, “what were they thinking?” But in general I don’t write about stuff people give me hoping that I’ll write about it.

I do write about things that I personally buy and love. In this case I was given the above necklace at a party in New York this summer. It was so CUTE, I’ve hardly taken it off. It was so adorable I bought a similar necklace for my 8 year old goddaughter. The maker is Lisa Leonard Designs. And here is the necklace I bought for my goddaughter. With her name, engraved.

Apparently she hasn’t taken it off yet either. ;-)

Thank you Lisa Leonard!